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Student working on a computer.

Computer Science

Computer scientists are usually programmers, often designing and writing sophisticated code. They may write either applications, like spreadsheets, mobile applications, and games, or systems software, like drivers and operating systems. Computer scientists may also solve computing problems no one has successfully solved before or figure out how to solve a problem more efficiently than anyone else has ever done. Having a strong skill set in math, logic, and science is essential to their success.
There are two sequences you can take. There is also a Computer Science minor.

Choose Your Sequence

  • Students working together.

    General Computer Science

    Focus on learning to develop excellent computer software while also studying theory, design, hardware, and operating systems.

  • Students working together on a computer lab class.

    Web Computing

    Develop excellent computer software with a focus on a web and mobile applications while also studying theory, design, hardware, and operating systems.

Accelerated Masters

General Computer Science is also available as an accelerated program. Learn how you can earn your master's degree in this program


The Computer Science program at Illinois State is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

View Computer Science Objectives & Outcomes