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Graduate Program Information

Our graduate degrees and certificates help you achieve your information technology career goals.

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Program Entrance

  • GPA

    Admitted students to the School of IT’s master’s programs have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


    TOEFL can be waived for international students from English-speaking countries.

  • GRE

    An admitted student’s typical GRE score meets or exceeds 300 (verbal and quantitative).

    Our graduate coordinator will determine if you can be admitted with a lesser score. Your admittance would depend on your undergraduate background, GPA, and course work.

    The GRE can only be waived in special circumstances and is determined on a case-by-case basis by the graduate coordinator.

Foundation Courses and Placement Exams

You don’t need an IT background to pursue one of our master’s programs. Our foundation courses get you up to speed. Once you complete those, you’ll be ready to take master-level courses.

These courses can be waived if you have an equivalent course, training, or certificate. The grad coordinator will review and decide if a foundation course can be waived.

You can also take a placement exam in place of a foundation course. These exams require a 70% or better pass rate and can only be taken once.

Course Selection

You’ll meet with our graduate advisor to determine which courses you need to take and in what order. This helps you graduate in a timely manner.

Graduate Assistantship

Once you are admitted to the program, you can apply for any open graduate assistant positions. If you are selected after the initial round of processing, you will go through an interview process.

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Program Length

Our graduate programs typically take two to two-and-a-half years to complete, depending on how many foundation courses you need to complete.