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Business and Industry Advisory Council


  • Gino Corrales-Delgado

    Gino Corrales-Delgado

    Company: Caterpillar

    Gino Corrales-Delgado is a Cybersecurity Information Technology (IT) Analyst and IdentityIQ Quality Team Lead at Caterpillar Inc. Gino started at Caterpillar working as an Enterprise Resource Planning System Deployment Analyst, supporting SAP deployments for the corporation. Later, he was offered the opportunity to work on the Identity Access Management Team to support the management of identities and access for the corporation. Previously he worked as a State Farm Mobile Developer Intern at the University of Illinois Research Park.

    Gino emigrated from Peru in 2004 and had the opportunity to achieve his American citizenship several years later. He is happily married with Lauren and has two incredible kids (Luka and Leo) that are the engine of his life. Gino is extremely passionate about software development, wearable mobile devices, IT technology, AI, hackathons, soccer, tools, motorcycles and Oreo cookies.

    Gino is an alum of the School of IT, with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science.

  • Charley Edamala

    Charley Edamala

    Company: Illinois State University

    Charley Edamala joined Illinois State University in July 2016 as the Chief Technology Officer and Associate Vice President in Administrative Technologies.A strong technical background and strategic management skills have been instrumental in Charley’s ability to bring new technologies online and realize institutional success in record time. A large part of this is due to his ability to create leaders and effective leadership teams. Charley is passionate about student and faculty success, especially as it relates to preparing next generations of the country’s workforce.

    He has championed various initiatives such as the implementation of a world-class Admissions CRM and predictive data models. Charley works with members of the university cabinet to understand the university’s goals and to craft a technology response. He is in his element translating highly technical designs to meet institutional goals. He is currently working on town/county partnerships, to provide smart city and community digital initiatives with data collection and analytics support, and with cellular carriers for future 5G networks. As data evangelist, Charley is also promoting data sharing, analytics, and machine learning.

  • Tom Faulkner

    Company: DISCOVER

  • Aean Halihan

    Company: AFNI

  • Katie Mayer

    Company: John Deere

  • Emilie McDowell

    Company: State Farm

    Emilie McDowell is a Data Analyst at State Farm. After beginning her career working with data marts and in the data warehousing environment, she now focuses her time on designing and developing analytics solutions in the big data ecosystem. Passionate about data and the endless opportunities, for the last 2 years she has researched and designed multiple solutions in Hadoop to provide advanced analytics capabilities for business areas within State Farm. In addition, Emilie enjoys continuous learning and continuing to refine her skillsets while also growing and mentoring others.

  • Reginald Michel

    Company: State Farm

  • David Nolan

    David Nolan

    Company: Aarons, Inc.

    David Nolan, ’06 Information Systems, is Director of Information Security at Aaron’s Inc. Servant Leader, responsible for all elements of Information Security strategy, operations and programs. He also chairs the School of Information Technology’s Business and Industry Advisory Council. Nolan was previously an Application Security Engineer and leader of the threat, attack and penetration testing services team at Caterpillar, Inc., where he led the creation and execution of Caterpillar’s application security strategy and worked for more than 10 years. He has also held information technology positions with the Central Intelligence Agency and State Farm Insurance. He has been a visiting speaker at ISC2 Security Congress, colleges, corporations and regional ISACA events addressing application security topics.

  • Barbara K. O'Malley

    Company: Northern Trust

  • Mark Owens

    Company: City of Bloomington

  • Apoorva Pathak

    Company: COUNTRY Financial

  • Elias Sahyouni

    Elias Sahyouni

    Company: COUNTRY Financial

    Elias Sahyouni is a Cyber Security Analyst at COUNTRY Financial. Elias graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Business, Management Information Systems. Elias has been involved with the Business and Industry Advisory Council since 2011 when he first attended as a guest (non-participant). He is currently the Cyber Security sub-committee chair on the BIAC. At COUNTRY Financial, Elias is also a member of the IT Intern Recruiting Team. Elias helped with the Illinois State University Association of IT Professionals (AITP) chapter for several years as the Twin City Chapter education director – where the goal is to help develop key skills of the IT professionals at the university.

  • Scott Stevens

    Company: Integrity Technology Solutions

  • Olga Zhornitsky

    Olga Zhornitsky

    Company: DISCOVER

    Olga Zhornitsky is a Manager of IT Campus Programs at Discover. Olga graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Major in Human Resource Management (HRM). She also holds two Masters from Keller Graduate School of Management, an MBA and an MSHR with a concentration in International Business. Olga manages an expanding and successful campus recruiting program. In addition to traditional internships, she developed a new campus direct hire program and created connection/development opportunities for college hires. Olga is a frequent recruiter at ISU and actively participates in university events such as career fairs, mock interviews, panel discussions, and classroom presentations. She focuses on building relationships with faculty and students with the goal of helping students establish a solid career path in IT. Olga also serves as a member of the ISU IT Business and Industry Advisory Council and is chair of the Data Engineering Subcommittee for the Advisory Council.

  • Aneel Gillan

    Company: Student - Illinois State University, School of IT

  • Sivani Sayani

    Company: Student Illinois State University, School of IT