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  1. Each Blue Team network will be monitored by a scoring system operating within the remote network
  2. Teams should not assume any competition system is properly functioning or secure.
  3. Throughout the competition, Gold Team and White Team members will occasionally need access to a team's systems for scoring, troubleshooting, etc. Teams must allow Gold Team and White Team member access when requested.
  4. Teams must maintain the IP addresses as configured and specified in the competition topology.
  5. In the event of system lock or failure, teams will be able to request a complete restoration of a system by asking their room monitor.
  6. Each team must have one advisor present during the entire competition. This may be a faculty/staff member or an administrator. Institutions may also send additional faculty representatives with the approval of the State Director. Team advisors and faculty representatives may not assist or advise the team during the competition. Team advisors and faculty representatives may not be involved in any scoring or decisions that involves a participating institution or Blue Team.
  7. Each team will designate a Team Captain for the duration of the competition to act as the team liaison between the competition staff and the teams before and during the competition.
  8. All participants are expected to behave professionally at all times they are visiting the host site, and at all preparation meetings.
  9. Activities such as swearing, consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, bullying, disrespect, unruly behavior, sexual harassment, improper physical contact, becoming argumentative, or willful physical damage have no place at the competition.
  10. In the event of unprofessional conduct, student team members and their advisor will meet with Gold Team members upon request. The consequences of unprofessional conduct will be determined by the Site Administrator with the recommendation of the Gold Team. This may be a warning, point penalty, disqualification, or expulsion from the competition.

Competition Play

  1. During the competition team members are forbidden from entering or attempting to enter another team's competition network. They are forbidden from accessing another Team network, either through their competition network, or by remote access to another team.
  2. All requests for items such as software, service checks, system resets, and service requests must be submitted to the White Team through the workspace monitor. Requests must clearly show the requesting team, action or item requested, and date/time requested.
  3. Teams must compete without outside assistance from non-team members, which includes team advisors and sponsors. All private communications (calls, emails, chat, directed emails, forum postings, conversations, requests for assistance, etc.) with non- team members are forbidden and are grounds for disqualification.
  4. Team sponsors and observers are not competitors and are prohibited from directly assisting any competitor through direct advice, suggestions, or hands-on assistance. Any team sponsor or observers found assisting a team will be asked to leave the team's operations for the duration of the competition and a point penalty will be assessed against the team.
  5. An unbiased Red Team will probe, scan, and attempt to penetrate or disrupt each team's operations throughout the competition.
  6. Team members will not initiate any contact with members of the Red Team during the hours of live competition. Team members are free to talk to Red Team members, White Team members, other competitors, etc. outside of competition hours.
  7. Only Blue Team, White Team or Gold Team members will be allowed in any Blue Team competition workspace.
  8. Teams are free to examine their own systems but no offensive activity against other teams, the White Team, or the Red Team will be tolerated. This includes port scans, unauthorized connection attempts, vulnerability scans, etc. Any team performing offensive activity against other teams, the White Team, the Red Team, or any global asset will be immediately disqualified from the competition. If there are any questions or concerns during the competition about whether or not specific actions can be considered offensive in nature contact the White Team before performing those actions.
  9. Each Blue Team will be provided with the same objectives and tasks.
  10. Teams may access to the Internet. All resources on the Internet are allowed as long as they are free and accessible to all teams.