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Program Goals

  • Explore possible career paths in information technology.

    It’s exciting to be part of a growing and changing profession. With that come a lot of choices and decisions. You and your mentor will take the time to explore your interests and different career possibilities.

  • Learn various job responsibilities.

    Part of knowing what you want to do is understanding what you’ll be doing on a daily basis. The mentorship program carves out time to break down the specifics of what professionals do day in and day out.

  • Connect your classroom work to a career.

    Working with a mentor helps you see firsthand how what you do as a student prepares you for life as a professional.

  • Develop soft skills.

    Knowledge and ability contribute to your success in information technology, but you also need soft skills such as communicating effectively, thinking strategically, and being a good team player, to have a fulfilling career.

Get Started

  • 1

    The mentorship program lasts throughout one academic year, concluding in April. Make sure you can commit to the whole program.

  • 2

    Look for an email early in the fall semester to sign up for the IT Professional Mentorship Program.

  • 3

    Once you sign up, we'll let you know about the program kick-off event. This is where we'll introduce you to your mentor and provide materials to start planning your mentorship experience.

  • 4

    IT Professional Mentorship Program student sign-up: IT Students Sign-up.