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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take to complete a Master’s degree? 
A: Usually 2-2 ½ years, depending on how many foundation courses one has to complete.

Q: Can foundation courses be waived? 
A: It can be waived if one has completed an equivalent course elsewhere. One needs to submit documentation showing the completed course work, taken training, certification, etc. The grad coordinator will review and decide if a course can be waived.

Q: Can I be admitted without having a background in computers, information systems, or web development? 
A: Yes. Our MS program is structured such that students who do not have IT background can still pursue a MS degree by first completing some foundation classes. After completing these courses, one can then begin to enroll in our regular MS-level courses.

Q: Can I take placement exams in place of foundation courses? 
A: Yes, you can take any/all exam for any/all of your foundation courses.

Q: What constitutes passing grade for a placement exam? 
A: You must receive a 70% or better to pass a placement exam.

Q: Can I retake a placement exam? 
A: No, you may only take an exam once; if you do not pass, you must take the foundation course.

Q: Can I choose what courses I can take each semester? 
A: You will meet with the grad advisor and together determine which courses need to be taken, and in what order, to graduate in a timely manner. 

Q: Can TOEFL be waived? 
A: TOEFL can be waived for international students who are from English-speaking countries. 

Q: Can the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) be waived? 
A: The GRE can only be waived under special circumstances. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.  The grad coordinator will determine if the GRE can be waived and the Graduate School must approve.

Q: What is the minimum GRE required? 
A: GRE score for admitted students typically meets or exceeds the score of 300 (verbal + quantitative).

Q: Can I be admitted with a GRE of less than 300? 
A: This would depend on your undergraduate background, GPA, and course work.  The grad coordinator will determine if a student can be admitted with GRE under the typical minimum requirement.

Q: What is the minimum GPA required? 
A: GPA for admitted students typically meets or exceeds the score of 3.0.

Q: Am I guaranteed a graduate assistantship position upon being admitted to ISU? 
A: No. If you are admitted to our program, you are then eligible to apply for any open GA positions. If selected after the initial around of processing, you will then go through the interview process.

Q: Do you offer an online MS program?

A: No. While we don’t have any programs that are completely online, we DO offer online courses, primarily during summer sessions.



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